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The Summary Annual Reports (“SAR”) for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s (Alyeska) benefit plans have been prepared to reflect, in summary form, the provisions of the plan’s 2019 Form 5500 covering various financial aspects. The SAR report contains important information about the full annual reports, which Alyeska is required to file annually with the Internal Revenue Service. You can access the SAR and 5500 at:


For a description of the plans to which these financial details apply, you should refer to the respective Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC), as applicable. These documents may be viewed and printed by employees on the ANET and are also available on our external website for retirees, dependents and employees at:


The following documents have had recent updates; please review for current plan information:


If you do not have access to a computer/printer, you may request a paper copy of these or any other health, welfare or retirement plan related documents, without charge, by contacting (907) 787-8128 or by email to


Alyeska's medical plan now has MORE telehealth providers, Teladoc, Dr on Demand and 98point6 are available as part of the medical plan benefits for Alyeska Pipeline active employees and pre-65 retiree members. Additional coverage with Alyeska's medical plans (active and pre-65 retiree) in response to the COVID-19 situation: Until 12/31/2020 there is NO DEDUCTIBLE and NO COPAY to use telehealth!

Click here for more information on Telehealth

If you have any coverage questions or claim issues please reach out to Premera BCBS (1-800-508-4722) or Direct Path (1-877-548-7714).



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