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1996: Bob Malone and Alyeska’s Open Work Environment

When Bob Malone took the helm as CEO of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in 1996, the Anchorage Daily News called it “one of the toughest jobs in Alaska: simultaneously repairing, running and downsizing the company.”

Malone was known for his friendly-but-firm approach and for decentralizing by creating business units in Fairbanks and Valdez under the motto, “One hand on the pipe, one foot in the water.” He joined the company during an era known for whistleblowers and fear of retaliation and made culture change a priority.

Alyeska’s Employee Concerns Program (ECP) grew under his leadership. He told the reporter, “Core to that culture shift is recognition and attention given to employee concerns.” ECP and the related Open Work Environment remains an important part of the TAPS culture today.

Jones, S. & White, B.  (1996, September 1). The hot seat-Bob Malone takes over a company in transition. Anchorage Daily News.


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