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Alyeska Executive Leadership Team

Alyeska’s Executive Leadership Team is a group of dynamic, diverse and experienced professionals who are recognized leaders in their respective fields and collectively hold a broad background in pipeline, transportation, engineering, and oil and gas work and industries.

John Kurz

President and CEO
John Kurz became President and CEO of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in April 2023. John is the 14th president...

Lisa Booth

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Booth is a 20-plus-year Alyeska employee who joined the company through its internship program and in Sept. 2021...

Greg Youngmun

Vice President, General Counsel
Greg Youngmun joined Alyeska in June 2022 as Vice President and General Counsel. Before joining Alyeska, Greg worked at...

Hillary Schaefer

Vice President, Operations & Maintenance
With 20-plus years of experience working on TAPS, Hillary Schaefer is currently Alyeska’s Vice President of Operations & Maintenance....

Thomas Marchesani, PE

Vice President, Engineering & Risk
As Vice President of Engineering & Risk, Tom Marchesani is responsible for all technical aspects of TAPS. His Engineering...

Allison Iversen

Director, Health, Safety, Environment and Compliance
Allison Iversen is Alyeska’s Director of Health, Safety, Environment and Compliance, and is responsible for overseeing Alyeska’s formal programs...

Fred Millen

Chief Human Resources Officer
Fred Millen is Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s Chief Human Resources Officer. Fred has more than 25 years of HR,...

Michelle Egan

Chief Communications Officer
Michelle Egan is Alyeska’s Chief Communications Officer for managing Anchorage, Fairbanks and Valdez communications staff. Michelle oversees all of...

Carrie Irwin Brown

Director, Alaska Native Program
Carrie Irwin Brown became Alyeska’s Alaska Native Program Director in August 2019. Carrie brings experience from a variety of...