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Alaska Native Program

Alyeska’s commitment to the Alaska Native community is what paved the way for the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). As defined in Section 29 of the Federal Agreement and Grant of Right-of-Way, the Alaska Native Utilization Agreement (ANUA) between Alyeska and the U.S. Department of Interior provides Alaska Natives with employment, training and development opportunities on TAPS as a result of building TAPS through Alaska Native lands. The 2007 renewal of ANUA secured Alyeska’s commitment into perpetuity, ensuring Alaska’s Indigenous people will continue to benefit from the economic opportunities afforded by TAPS. Alyeska is committed to honoring this long-standing commitment through stewardship of the Alaska Native Program (AKNP).

Alaska Native Advisory Board

Alyeska maintains an Advisory Board to provide advice and counsel regarding the operation of the Alaska Native Program. Members include representatives from corridor region ANCSA Corporations, contractors, and other Alaska Native and workforce development organizations.

Employee development


Alyeska’s internship program is a key component of Alyeska’s hiring and workforce development strategy to build and sustain a high-performance culture. After a successful 2022 Internship Program, Alyeska is planning its 2023 program now.

Building Foundations for Excellence Program
Employee development

Building Foundations for Excellence Program

Building Foundations for Excellence Program (BFEP) is an employee development program that focuses on the sharing and transfer of knowledge within Alyeska’s workforce. Participants are strategically placed in various areas of the company in anticipation of workforce attrition as well as current and future business needs.

Employee development

Alyeska established an employee resource group called the Alaska Native Network (ANN)  to foster inclusion and growth. Members are encouraged to share ideas and insights about the company, community and careers. Ongoing goals for ANN include opportunities for professional and personal development, industry updates and multiple ways to network or engage in volunteer opportunities to get involved in communities throughout Alaska.

Community outreach

Each year, Alyeska funds scholarships and workforce development opportunities for Alaska Natives by partnering with various organizations in Alaska that support students pursuing higher education and career advancement opportunities. This funding is intended to increase the pool of qualified Alaska Native applicants in specific industry related careers that could lead to future employment opportunities at Alyeska or on TAPS and other oil industry jobs.

The Alaska Native Program also partners with other statewide Alaska Native organizations by sponsoring annual events, such as First Alaskan Institute’s Elders & Youth Conference and Smokehouse Gala, and the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.

Contractor commitments

The ANUA goal of 20 percent Alaska Native hire on TAPS applies to both Alyeska and its largest contractors. These contractors all have programs in place that focus on recruiting and training Alaska Native people for jobs on TAPS.