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Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

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Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company was formed in 1970 by a consortium of oil companies to lead the design and construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), and then operate and maintain TAPS after its startup. Over the next seven years, Alyeska staff and hundreds of workers, contractor companies, and advocates made construction, engineering, American and Alaska history: On June 20, 1977, TAPS moved its first oil.

Today, TAPS has moved more than 18 billion barrels of oil from Alaska’s North Slope to Valdez, all behind the work of Alyeska’s staff and its contractor partners. More than 50 years after Alyeska’s creation and more than 45 years since the iconic pipeline’s startup, Alyeska and its staff continue the legacy of innovation and determination in the face of challenges. They also stay focused on safe, flawless TAPS operations and sustainability, upholding an unrelenting pride in protecting Alaska’s environment, and embodying the hard work that built TAPS and remains uniquely Alaskan. Teamwork, technology, reliability, and integrity aren’t just words at Alyeska: they are organization values.

Read Alyeska’s organizational Mission and Vision 

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Pipeline People

Alyeska: An Alaska company

Alyeska is a truly Alaska company, part of the fabric of Alaska’s history and communities, and an essential element to the state’s economic health.

  • More than 700 people are employed by Alyeska, while hundreds of contractors work on TAPS at any time
  • More than 94 percent of Alyeska’s workforce lives in Alaska
  • About 20 percent of that workforce is Alaska Native
  • And 70 percent of TAPS contractor companies are based in Alaska
Meet our Leadership Team
About Alyeska

Meet our Leadership Team

Alyeska’s Executive Team is a group of dynamic, diverse and experienced professionals who are recognized leaders in their respective fields and collectively hold a broad background in pipeline, transportation, engineering, and oil and gas work and industries.

Alaska Native Program

Alyeska’s unique Alaska Native Program is dedicated to creating professional growth opportunities for Alaska Native people. Alyeska created the Alaska Native Program in October 1995 to ensure TAPS owners fulfill their commitments to the United States as embodied in Section 29 of the Federal Agreement and Grant of Right-of-Way. The Alaska Native Utilization Agreement (ANUA) was renewed in 2007 to further Alyeska’s long-standing relationship with Alaska Native people and organizations. Through the Alaska Native Program, Alyeska is committed to supporting recruitment, employment, job counseling, education, and training opportunities for Alaska Native people.

In the Community / Philanthropy
Pipeline People

In the Community / Philanthropy

Alyeska and its employees value their strong ties to Alaska communities and their fellow Alaskans. Alyeska’s comprehensive and generous philanthropy program gives to organizations that improve the lives of Alaskans across the state, while also encouraging giving and volunteering for its staff with matching gift programs.

Join Alyeska

Employment opportunities

Want to join Alyeska? Learn about job opportunities with Alyeska and its many contractor partners in our Employment section.

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Our Values

MISSION: Move oil in a safe, reliable, and responsible manner for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

VISION: We are the premiere midstream operating company, delivering TAPS 100.



Alyeska Pipeline Service Company has published its first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, highlighting its dedication to environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and safe operations of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. The report showcases activity and results from 2022.