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Alyeska, Ahtna celebrate anniversary and partnership

Recently, Interim President Danika Yeager and other Alyeska leadership gathered with Ahtna, Incorporated board membersleadership and staff at the Glennallen Response Base (GRB) for a luncheon to celebrate 45 years of TAPS operations and recognize the unique and longtime partnership that dates back to the TAPS construction era.

Ahtna is an Alaska Native Regional Corporation that was established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1971.The partnership between Ahtna and Alyeska began during TAPS construction, and the historic first pipe was laid within the Ahtna region at the Tonsina River. The Ahtna region includes a large swath of Interior Alaska and includes eight villages: Cantwell, Chistochina, Chitina, Gakona, Gulkana, Kluti-Kaah, Mentasta and Tazlina.

Alyeska and Ahtna crews on shift at GRB gathered with visiting leadership for comments on the recent anniversary and the ongoing commitment to a strong relationship. Danika and Carrie Irwin Brown, Alaska Native Program Director, presented Ahtna President Michelle Anderson with a contribution for one of their scholarship endowments, funded by Alyeska’s Alaska Native Scholarship Program. Michelle gave Danika a piece of beadwork crafted by an Ahtna shareholder and artist.

“I have great respect for the Ahtna people and the importance of the land TAPS crosses in the region,” said Yeager. “We will continue fostering a strong friendship and business relationship with Ahtna leadership.”