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Alyeska receives industry honor for oil response project

September 12, 2023
Alyeska’s Squirrel Creek Oil Response Capability Enhancement Project was recently named Project of the...

Alyeska teams clean Yukon River boat launches for safe sailings

August 22, 2023
This spring, Yukon River flooding near the Dalton Highway bridge swelled, leaving behind dense...

High five! New OSRB-5 arrives in Valdez

May 24, 2023
At 400 feet long and 96 feet wide, the OSRB-5 shares much of the...

2023 Atigun Awards spotlight, Contractor of the Year: Brice Inc.

March 23, 2023
Brice Incorporated provided materials and support along some of the Sagavaniriktok River's most challenging...

2023 Atigun Awards spotlight, Environment: Pump Station 12 Facility Removal’s Bird Deterrent & Relocation

March 23, 2023
Workers at the Pump Station 12 demolition needed to delicately navigate how to prevent...

Alyeska receives U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Outstanding Partner Award

July 21, 2021
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognized Alyeska for contributions made to the conservation...

Alyeska plans maintenance shutdown for TAPS, July 17-18

July 15, 2021
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company has scheduled a July 17-18 maintenance shutdown of the Trans...

Positive response: Spring Fishing Vessel Training

May 5, 2021
For six weeks each spring, and two more each fall, SERVS personnel and partners provide training to PWS crews as part of the Vessel of Opportunity Program.

Happy Earth Day 2021

May 4, 2021
These Earth Day vignettes illustrate a few of the ways Alyeska's passionate pipeline people are committed to protecting and sustaining Alaska's special environment.

Spring has sprung, and cold weather ops are wrapping up

May 4, 2021
Many parts along the pipeline are experiencing promising pockets of snow melt and sunshine. Officially, TAPS wrapped up cold weather operations at the end of April.

SERVS says goodbye – and hello – to the Fort Liscum

December 5, 2020
Alyeska welcomed its newest member to the SERVS fleet, a 49-foot, self-propelled belt skimmer, the Fort Liscum.

TAPS FACTS: Oil Movements

February 21, 2020
Freya Janssen and Nelson Carpluk of Alyeska's Oil Movements team provide TAPS Facts to dispel some myths and misconceptions about the pipeline's oil movements and throughput.