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“Fire hose salute” and British BBQ for Michael Wood

Reliable TAPS teammate, pilot receives special sendoff

Message from ​Jeff Streit, GRB Coordinator:

“Micheal Woods is retiring this week after 15 years as the GRB Maritime Helicopter pilot. During this time, Mike has been on the front line flying personnel out on surveillances, slinging loads to remote sites in support of OSCP activities, carrying technicians to the mountaintop communication repeaters, and respondomg to abnormal conditions developing on the ROW.

“Mike’s career includes over 15,000 hrs. in rotorcrafts and has accrued over 5,000 hrs. of flying at the GRB that involved more than 2,000 landings, mostly off field landings, year-round, and in some of Alaska’s most extreme terrain and weather. Mike’s attention to details, skills as a pilot, imminent knowledge of mountain flying, and professionalism has kept us all safe over the years.

“Before coming to the GRB, Mike was retired RAF and at an early age had come to America to become a helicopter pilot. He soon obtained his helicopter commercial license and started working and building time. During his career he has flown in Africa, all over North America, Europe, Hawaii, and Southeast Asia.

“Micheal was an integral part of the GRB’s response team and will be greatly missed. He was honored for his services to the GRB with a ‘Fire Hose Salute’ while playing the British national anthem to honor both his British heritage and as a retired member of the RAF (Royal Air Force). The salute was followed by a BBQ at the GRB that included such British specials as bangers and mash, bread pudding, gloucester beef, apple crumble and British ribs.”