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Summer fun run, 45th anniversary celebration at Pump Station 5

The 2022 Pump Station 5 Fun Run festivities included plenty of laughter, smiles and food while everyone enjoyed outdoor activity with coworkers. Between two shifts, 44 TAPS workers participated by walking, jogging and running on June 19 and 26.  Several volunteers helped provide a safe, food-filled time.

Lisa Kangas, Environmental Coordinator, planned and executed the events with Geneva Walters, PS5 Maintenance Supervisor.

“Alyeska recognizes the importance of mental and physical wellness,” said Lisa. “TAPS employees are high performers with a heavy workload, especially during summer project season. Taking a few hours to stretch out and enjoy the outdoors, eat some BBQ and enjoy time with coworkers is beneficial both mentally and physically. It’s great each year to see most of us swap work boots for running shoes and cheer each other to the finish line.”

  • Security increased safety elements for participants by creating bear guards and passing out bear spray and air horns, then picked up mile markers after the event.
  • Catering cooked up a large BBQ for participants. The meal included shrimp skewers, lamb chops, ribs, chicken, side salads, fruit and cookies. The first shift enjoyed a TAPS 45th anniversary cake to recognize the operations milestone.
  • Baseline prepared the OSCP building for the event and participated in race setup.
  • Jamey Grotjahn took photos and passed out T-shirts on the shift.
  • Martin Hoessinger was the timekeeper during the first run, and got everyone signed in and entered for drawings. He also supported the second race.

While the fun run isn’t considered a competitive race, some had their competitive juices flowing and were awarded prizes.

  • 5K first place: Parker Jones (A-shift) and Börge Hamnes (B-shift) – Alyeska-insulated water bottle
  • 5K second place: Parker Jones (A-shift) and Pal Bodtker (B-shift)
  • Red lantern: Doug Sweet (A-shift) and Jason Comins (B-shift)
  • Cornhole tournament: Rock Morlock and James Clow (B-shift) – Alyeska 45th anniversary baseball caps

Frank Hernandez Alyeska Implementation Lead, reflected on the experience.

“I really enjoyed this year’s fun run/walk,” said Frank. “It was a good way to unwind during the busy season. The event was well-organized, with great support from NMS, DUS and baseline. Thanks to Lisa and Geneva for organizing, and the sponsorship from the Occupational Health Unit, the Alaska Native Program, and Pump Station 5.

“Events such as these allow us to relax, promote wellness, and they are a great morale booster,” he added. “They allow us to interact in a relaxed setting, outside of our official duties, without our work face on. They help us create and enhance personal connections that contribute to our success in managing smooth pipeline maintenance and operation.”