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A powerful storm, an urgent rescue
» A powerful storm, an urgent rescue

When vicious snow and wind slammed Prudhoe Bay last winter, a trio of TAPS workers showed grit, discipline and bravery as they battled the storm to get three busloads of stranded workers to safety and warmth. » Story


Pipeline People

Vinnie Szymkowiak
» Vinnie Szymkowiak

This passionate engineer who channels his love of math and science to solve unique and difficult challenges on TAPS has earned Alyeska's first Atigun Award Engineer of the Year distinction.
»


Pipeline Facts:

First tanker to carry crude oil from Valdez: ARCO Juneau, August 1, 1977.

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Pipeline Reliability

June 2016 Reliability Factor

Reliability Factor for Jun 2016


Reliability Factor for year 2016


There were 0 prorations during June that impacted the reliability factor.

There were 556,229 deferred barrels during June that impacted the reliability factor.

TAPS Throughput

June throughput: 14,760,278 BBLS*
Average: 492,009 BPD**

Year 2016: 96,073,114 BBLS*
Average: 527,874 BPD**

*BBLS (barrels) = 42 Gallons
**BPD = Barrels Per Day

For more information about the amount of crude oil that has been transported through TAPS, click here.

For information on reporting a pipeline emergency, click here.

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