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2023 Atigun Awards

Best Baker on the Line: Patty Miller

Patty Miller, the head chef at TAPS Yukon Response Base, is known for the creativity and care she bakes into the most delectable homemade dessert items on the pipeline, if not across Alaska. Her dedication to cooking for YRB teams and visitors brings out smiles and joy, and makes her pretty happy, too. Patty regularly prepares spreads for special events and gatherings, too, from United Way Dessert Auctions to the Rampart Village Christmas celebration, workers’ birthdays to seasonal holidays. Her delicious desserts designate her as an official fan favorite with TAPS crews up and down the line. And her ability to make people feel recognized and special, uplift morale, and contribute her talents towards TAPS’ success earned her the honor of first-ever Alyeska Atigun Awards President’s Choice Best Baker on the Line in 2023. #TAPSPride