PS 5 Fun Run: Fitness, festivities and food

September 1, 2021
Between two shifts, more than 30 TAPS workers participated in-person at this year's Pump...

Alyeska, Rampart partners join Ray River CRE

August 31, 2021
Alyeska and Rampart Yukon River Response Team participants brushed up on their skills in...

TAPS Tales: Betsy Haines

May 1, 2021
From summer intern to Senior Vice President, Betsy Haines had one of the most interesting careers at Alyeska and on TAPS. In this video, she shares some stories of her work.

David Luke Jr., TAPS Technician

December 12, 2020
Meet David Luke Jr., a longtime pipeline technician who loves working on TAPS, photography, and sharing those images with family, friends and coworkers.

Sailor Williams, Instrumentation Technician

November 28, 2020
Sailor Williams is a super-skilled, well-liked, problem-solving and award-winning instrumentation technician at Pump Station 1.

Nichole Gentz-Wilkins, System Wide Materials Supervisor

November 28, 2020
For more than 20 years on TAPS, Nichole Gentz-Wilkins has thrived as a tireless and thoughtful teammate who loves putting the pieces and people together for successful projects.

Katelyn Zuray, TAPS Technician

October 15, 2020
Katelyn Zuray started as an intern and continued to develop with on-the-job training and additional development opportunities to become a PS1 technician.

Kristen Nelson, Oil Movements Representative

August 8, 2020
Kristen Nelson of Alyeska's Oil Measurements made history when she was named chair of the American Petroleum Institute's Standards Writing Body Committee on Petroleum Measurement.

Dave Roberts, Engineer

July 18, 2020
Dave grew up professionally around TAPS and Alyeska, working on old infrastructure and crafting innovations for a smarter pipeline.

Julia Redington, Site Engineering Manager

June 2, 2020
Julia Redington, longtime Alyeska employee and current Site Engineering Manager, is an avid photographer who travels, and takes photos of, the TAPS route often.