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1987: Janette Fuller Q&A

Janette Fuller and a coworker at Pump Station 7 metering.

Melinda “Janette” Fuller started with Alyeska in 1987. Now, after 35 years and a handful of fascinating jobs on TAPS, she works as a Shops Maintenance Tech in Fairbanks. In this Memories & Mileposts Q&A, Janette discussed her career.

What do you remember about your first days working for Alyeska?
It was so exciting to come to work at Alyeska in the first 10 years of the pipeline. There was such a great camaraderie among the employees. My first years at Alyeska were really highlighted by the friendships that I made among my co-workers and playing on the Alyeska softball team and competing in the Oil Olympics! Those were fun times!

What was your job when you were hired compared to what you do now?
I worked in a number of positions my first few years at Alyeska. I was first hired into a temporary position in the printshop in General Services. After some time in the printshop, I moved over to a courier position and then moved over to the ADC warehouse. When the ADC warehouse was outsourced, I was given the opportunity to go to Pump Station 1. During my time at Pump Station 1, I received my tech training and certification and advanced from a Tech 1 to a Tech 6.

After Strategic Reconfiguration, I took a job with the Linewide Maintenance Team. I now travel TAPS servicing and repairing pressure safety valves. It is the best. I love to travel TAPS and visit all of the stations.

Do you have a “best day on TAPS”?
I have to admit that my best day on TAPS was airboat training on the Sag River. The worst day was cold water survival training on the Beaufort Sea. As part of the exercise, they made us get in an enclosed floating raft and there were some pretty good-sized waves we were riding on!

Do you have a favorite spot or facility on the pipeline? What is it and why?
My favorite location on TAPS is traveling north from Pump Station 4, dropping down into the Atigun Pass, and then heading all the way to Pump Station 3. This is the most beautiful area on the line, and in the state of Alaska. It is surrounded by epic mountain scenes, and you will always see so much wildlife. And, I can’t forget to mention that the cook at Pump Station 4 is pretty great too!


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