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Alyeska, Rampart partners join Ray River CRE

Alyeska, Rampart partners join Ray River CRE

Alyeska and Rampart Yukon River Response Team participants brushed up on their skills in June during the Ray River Combined Resource Exercise (CRE). While as many as 14 Rampart residents have participated in past exercises, eight joined the five-day Ray River exercise. 

The partnership between Alyeska and the village of Rampart has existed since 1995, and several team members have celebrated milestones of 20-25 years of exercises, drills and response efforts.

Gary Breen, Alyeska Pipeline EP&R Supervisor, described the longstanding relationship as a win-win situation.

“We learn from each other,” said Breen. “While this is an opportunity for supplemental income for Rampart members, we benefit greatly from the knowledge they have about the Yukon River and its ever-changing conditions. I love to see the lightbulbs go on in our training sessions, and I greatly appreciate the knowledge they bring when we’re out on the water.”

During the boat ride from Alyeska’s Yukon Response Base (YRB) to pick up Rampart team members, Breen, Earl Rose, Alyeska OSCP Lead, and Lou Cardona, YRB Civil Maintenance Coordinator, shared stories about the resourcefulness of Rampart team members when items are not readily available or a substitute for a supply is needed.

During a gear prep session, Rampart’s Margaret Moses reflected on the importance of being a member of this response group that protects the area she and so many close to her call home.

“We live along the Yukon River with our families,” said Moses. “I want to be a part of this work, to ensure our fishing and hunting areas are protected. The training is fun, too. I enjoy working with the equipment and Alyeska group.”

The Rampart Response Group participates in four exercises a year with a five-day duration, including preparation, execution, and post-exercise equipment storage.