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Employees and Retirees

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Alyeska Pipeline Benefits Information

Alyeska offers a contemporary and competitive health, welfare, and retirement benefit package. Staff have access to company-paid life, health, and retirement benefits, plus the flexibility to choose optional insurance coverage to meet specific personal and family needs to enhance all stages of career and life.

Whether an active employee or an Alyeska retiree, if you need information or want to learn whom to contact, please take a look at the information and links on this page.

Current employees, scroll down and find your benefits information.


Active (current) employees

As an Alyeska employee, you have a wide variety of benefit plans available to you. Within this location you, will find all relevant communications, documents, and contact information.

When there are important Announcements and News, you’ll find them here.

Have benefits questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section for answers.

Find all the Notices and Documents you need here.

Need more information? Check out the Benefit Program Contacts.

2024 Active Employee Open Enrollment Newsletter.

Medical and Dental
Click link or call 1-800-508-4722
Flexible Spending Account FSA
Click link or call 1-866-315-1777
Savings and Investment Plan (401k) Pension
Click link or call 1-800-908-2363
Life Insurance
Click link or call 1-800-GET-MET8
Health Care Costs
Click link or call 1-877-548-7714
Premera Sapphire Hub
Public access to medical cost transparency. Access after July 1, 2022. Updated monthly with most current data.