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Memories & Mileposts: TAPS Pride

2012: Alyeska’s Cultural Attributes are born

In 2012, a team of *Alyeska employees identified five behaviors that exist on TAPS and are essential for future success. These five actions – when exercised daily by every individual and every team – complement each other and work together to create exceptional performance.

The five attributes are:

Speak up, step up – We take responsibility. We speak up about concerns, opportunities and ideas. We take action to resolve issues.

Act with discipline – We consistently work to the highest standards; we don’t cut corners.

Take a system view – We act and make decisions that take into account the risk to and the success of the total pipeline system.

Make sound decisions – We bring the right focus, involve the right people, use the right data, and follow the right processes to achieve sound and timely decisions.

Learn, improve and innovate – We learn from our experiences, innovate to overcome challenges and seek to constantly improve our business.

While the attributes have always been embedded within the TAPS culture, the TAPS Culture Team named and shone a light on their importance. Today, these phrases are woven into life of TAPS; in conversations, job interviews, safety meetings, leadership updates and more. Some employees may still sport the corresponding rubber bracelets!

“It makes me proud to of been part of the team that created the attributes,” said Kelly Nease, culture team member. “I hear one or two of them talked about daily, and I see our executive leadership team using them, especially as it pertains to our safety culture.” 

“I felt very fortunate to be asked to be on the TAPS Culture team as I was in my first year with Alyeska, it’s hard to believe that was over ten years ago,” said Dan Williamson, another team member. “With the various changes and challenges we’ve seen in our business and company in those ten years, it’s rewarding to see the five attributes still embraced and a part of who we are as an organization.” 

*Team members: Robyn Brune, Frank Duncklee, Michelle Egan, Betsy Haines, Scott James, Fred Millen, Tracey Mueller, Kelly Nease, Marie Polito, Tim Rupp, Tina Suellentrop, Dan Williamson.


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