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Gifts, sweets and treats on the Yukon

Alyeska employees from the field, Anchorage and Fairbanks recently came together and raised funds to purchase gifts for kids at Rampart and Stevens Village, then deliver them with Santa himself. This annual tradition started as a grassroots effort from Fairbanks and Yukon Response Base (YRB) workers who wanted to connect with communities along the Yukon River. Several residents have maintained partnerships with Alyeska since 1995 through Alyeska’s Emergency Response Program.

Along with gifts provided for each child in each community, fresh food was provided by YRB. After several years of providing delicious treats, Patty Miller, NMS caterer at YRB, was able to join on the helicopter delivery and donned her Cookie Elf apron.

Mark Steinman, ASRC Energy Shop Foreman, took on the role of Santa this year while Jeannette Stepovich continued her role as an elf and coordinator for this project.

“This has become a delightful tradition for the Yukon Response Base and folks in Fairbanks,” said Stepovich. “The involvement from our fellow TAPS employees is truly heartwarming – from donating gifts or money, lending a hand at our wrapping event, assisting with securing the helicopter to the baking and procurement of the amazing array of treats and fresh fruits. I appreciate the support given by everyone to make such a positive impact in the Yukon River communities that provide the vital Yukon River Oil Spill Response Crews.”

Additional support included: Security and Maritime for scheduling the gift delivery; Phil Huelskoetter, YRB CMC: Planning and day-of support; – Ramy Brooks, YRB CMC: Planning; Melinda Andon: gift coordination; Fairbanks employees: Wrapping and gift packaging.

Scroll through the photos below to see all of the festive activities that led up to the delivery, along with Santa and his crew during the Rampart delivery.