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TAPS crosses 13 river bridges as it progresses across Alaska. Most notably, TAPS crosses the mighty Yukon River at Pipeline Milepost 353. The E.L. Patton Yukon River Bridge was named after Edward Patton who served as president of Alyeska during pipeline construction. The 2,295 foot-long bridge was completed in 1979. The bridge provides a river crossing for the pipeline and allows vehicle access to the Dalton Highway, the major supply line for the North Slope.

Tanana River bridge


Here are some TAPS Facts on bridges:

  • Bridges, Pipeline
    • 13 total along TAPS.
  • Bridges, Road
    • 10 north of Yukon; 36 south of Yukon.
  • Bridge, Yukon River: Located at MP 353.3.
    • Construction dates: 1974-1975.
    • Cost: $30 million (owners’ share approximately $10 million).
    • Dimensions: 2,295 feet long; road deck 30 feet wide; grade 5.99 degrees.
    • Name: Bridge officially named E.L. Patton Yukon River Bridge by Alaska Legislature in 1982, after E.L. Patton, president of Alyeska during pipeline construction. A monument to E.L. Patton was dedicated in October 1982.
    • Opening date: October 1979.
    • River width: 1,900 feet, typical.
  • DALTON HIGHWAY (Formerly North Slope Haul Road)
    • Bridges, permanent: 20.
Yukon River bridge
Tanana River bridge
Dietrich River bridge
Yukon River bridge