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1989: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Reflections — Then & Now

July 11, 2022
Andrés Morales, Alyeska's Emergency Preparedness and Response Director, shares his emotions about the Exxon Valdez...

2005: Hard hat stickers

July 7, 2022
Over 45 years of history, TAPS workers have received tens, if not hundreds, of...

2019: Scott “Chip” Conroy Q&A

July 5, 2022
Scott "Chip" Conroy, Lead Controller at the TAPS Operations Control Center, started at Alyeska in...

1993: The Insider employee newsletter

June 29, 2022
Much like the news and stories disseminated by Alyeska today, The Insider employee newsletter...

1994: Cathy Girard – Environmental Coordinator Supervisor

June 27, 2022
A lot has changed since Cathy was hired in 1994 – and a lot...

2021: Danika Yeager

June 22, 2022
Meet Danika Yeager, Alyeska's Interim President and first woman to hold the post. She...

TAPS workers making a difference across Alaska

June 21, 2022
Alyeska and its pipeline people pride ourselves on strong communities connections and giving back...

1977: June 20, TAPS start-up

June 20, 2022
This Memories & Mileposts video captures the excitement of June 20, 1977, the historic...

2001: Wild ideas — What if TAPS was topped by a bridge, boat or plane?

June 15, 2022
If the eventually true tale of TAPS wasn’t tall enough, even wilder ideas to...

1982: Ron Robinson

June 13, 2022
In 1982, Ron Robinson joined Alyeska as a drafter, creating drawings for key projects...

2016: TAPS exhibit installed at State Library Archives and Museum

June 8, 2022
After years of hard work and coordination, Alyeska employee Phil Hoffman, who passed away...

1978: Jeff Streit

June 6, 2022
Jeff has lasted more than 48 years on TAPS -- from the construction era...

TAPS throwback: Final weld, May 31, 1977

June 2, 2022
With TAPS workers and assorted VIPs looking on near Pump Station 3, the final...

Celebrating TAPS milestone in Juneau

March 10, 2022
TAPS does not travel through Juneau, but it certainly has a constant presence there....

Quills, chills and meals

March 10, 2022
For wildlife, finding food in the Arctic during the winter can be a prickly...

Alyeska’s Jenna Compehos shares love of work, community in national campaign

January 12, 2022
The American Petroleum Institute featured Alyeska's Jenna Compehos, O+M Coordinator, in its 2022 Meet Progress campaign, which launched...

TAPS Santa visits Yukon-area kids, communities

December 21, 2021
Alyeska's Tim Smith (Santa) & Jeannette Stepovich (Lead elf) recently delivered gifts, desserts &...

Enjoy Alyeska’s 2021 holiday card

December 15, 2021
Safe and happy holidays from Alyeska and its staff across Alaska!

Pump station maintenance planner, superstar volunteer spotlighted at AFN

December 14, 2021
Meet Jessica Jacobsen, whose work on TAPS is just part of the way she...

Technician’s talent, personality lead to success, opportunity

October 13, 2021