45th anniversary of TAPS operations

45 years of TAPS tales

Memories & Mileposts

MEMORIES & MILEPOSTS is a compilation of storytelling capturing 45 remarkable years of TAPS history. This series, which will release two-three stories a week through summer, contains content commemorating every year of operations since startup in 1977, blending the reflections and recollections from dozens of employees, past and present, with some of the pipeline’s most notable milestones and achievements.


1978: Jeff Streit, ‘A journey, never a job.’
1982: Ron Robinson
1986: Richelle Talvi — coming soon
1987: Janette Fuller — coming soon
2003: James “Jim” Foster
2008: Michelle Egan — coming soon
2019: Chip Conroy

The Evolution of TAPS

1991: Atigun Pass mainline reroute — coming soon
2007: Operations Control Center relocation
2013: With straight pipe installed, PS10 demobilization complete
2015: Sag River repairs — coming soon

TAPS Pride

1993: TAPS Insider newsletter
1996: Bob Malone and Alyeska’s Open Work Environment — coming soon
2005: Hard hat sticker tribute
2012: Alyeska’s Cultural Attributes are born — coming soon
2016: TAPS exhibit installed at State Library Archives and Museum

TAPS in History

1977: June 20, TAPS startup (video)
1980: Yukon River bridge (video) — coming soon
1981: Kuparuk River unit comes online — coming soon
1983: A bird’s-eye view of the Valdez Marine Terminal
1990: Oil Pollution Act — coming soon


1997: Willie Hensley — coming soon
1999: Lisa Booth — coming soon
2013: Tom Barrett — coming soon
2021: Danika Yeager (video)

Overcoming Challenges

2002: Denali Fault earthquake — coming soon
2006: Flood, oral history — coming soon
2011: Pump Station 1 leak and shutdown, oral history — coming soon
2020: Hiring on at Alyeska during COVID — coming soon

Proven Partnerships

1995: Rampart responders — coming soon
1998: ANUA renewal — coming soon
2000: Prince William Sound Traveling Health Fair (video) — coming soon
2009: Vessel of Opportunity program — coming soon
2014: United Way and Alyeska — a 50-year legacy of giving — coming soon